Broom Group celebrates 100 years -

Broom Group celebrates 100 years of serving customers around the world

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Broom Group celebrates 100 years of serving customers around the world

By Broom Group

Broom Group was born with the founding of the main company in June 1920 in the Chilean city of Valparaiso. From there it begins its expansion towards Central and South America, and as of today it is also present in North America, Europe and Africa.

Thanks to the vision of its owners and a supportive team, the company has been able to maintain sustained growth and has expanded all areas of development, allowing us to become an International Holding with presence in 10 countries. Our four areas of development are Broom Agency, Broom Logistics, Broom Tourism, and Broom Innovation.

Broom Logistics, one of the main areas of activity in the Broom Group, offers services to various markets, with wide geographic coverage, experience, and international presence.



The main services of Broom Logistics include transportation of dry and refrigerated cargo (air, sea and land), customs and documentation, freight forwarding, NVOCC, FMC-FILING, cargo storage, containers, distribution center, packing and cold storage for fresh fruit with added services and logistics specialized in perishable products in ports of origin and destination and post-harvest technology system storage for fresh fruit (controlled atmosphere for refrigerated containers).

The above-mentioned services are our representations and provided by our own companies, including BG Logistics, LCL, Werda Cargo, ZAL, Broom Frio, Conser Ltda, Sert Chile, Sert Peru, Aerodomo, Good Hope Logistics, OPL Carga and PLS.

Starting this year, PLS (Perishable Logistics Services) is part of Broom Logistics. It will be dedicated to providing products and services for perishable cargo, offering the best service and quality in the container and during transportation.


PLS offers several logistics services in the logistics of maritime transport of perishable cargo, including:


PLS is made up of various products and brands, related to different events and solutions.

PLS stands out for being a company that goes beyond providing technology for its perishable cargo. We are focused on delivering comprehensive solutions to customers from the harvest to the arrival at the destination, allowing us to maintain control at each point of the associated processes.

The team is located in different geographical areas worldwide such as Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, South Africa, and The Netherlands, in order to provide the best service to our customers and assist them throughout the commercialization process for each product.

Our PLS Latin American team is made up of:

  • Patricia López (PLS Manager - Broom Group Peru).
  • José Cambana (Commercial Perú).
  • Rodrigo Chamorro (Latam Operations Manager).
  • Ana Luisa Galaz (Latam Sales Manager).
  • Cristian Gahona (Operations Manager Latam).

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