Peruvian avocado exports up 15% in H1

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Peruvian avocado exports up 15% in H1

Peruvian avocado exports rose by 15% year-on-year in the first half of 2020 to 265,260 metric tons (MT), website Agraria reports.

The value of shipments between January and June also rose by 9% in value to US$518m.

Between January and March, exports soared by 59% to 32,453MT, as new orchards in the country's early northern regions came into production.

During these months, Peruvian avocados were fetching an average of US$2.30 per kilogram, which is 22% more than the previous year. Europe received 70% of Peru's avocado shipments over the three months.

The export volume in April was impacted by the pandemic, coming in 24% lower at 43,001MT. Average prices, meanwhile, were US$2.15 per kilo - up 5% on 2019 but 10% lower than 2018.

Europe's share increased during April, with the market receiving 83% of shipments.

In May, exports began to recover, with shipments up 26% at 86,911MT. Average prices of US$2.16 per kilo were in line with 2019 and 9% up on 2018. 

Europe retained a 78% share of shipments, with the U.K. paying the best price of US$2.19 per kilo. The U.S., meanwhile, had a 13% share and an average price of US$1.91 per kilo. 

June saw record exports of 102,894MT, which was partially reflected in the average prices that month of US$2.14 which were 15% lower than 2019, but 40% higher than 2018, when Europe was plagued by severe oversupply issues.

Europe remained the main market with 51%, with Belgium and Portugal paying the best prices of US$2.40 per kilo. The U.S. increased its share to 33% and saw similar prices to Europe, with US$2.11 per kilo.

In contrast to the first half of 2019, when Peru's export volume rose by 9% but average prices took a 30% hit, this year exports have increased without having a significant impact on prices overall.


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