Green SuperFood carries out first Tahiti lime export to U.S. and expands product portfolio

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Green SuperFood carries out first Tahiti lime export to U.S. and expands product portfolio

By Green SuperFood

In January this year, Green SuperFood announced the inauguration of a packing plant for Hass avocados in Quindío, Colombia, with world-class technology.

Constantly looking for new challenges and growth opportunities, the company - whose main goal to supply the world with healthy food of the highest quality within a model of sustainability on the farms - announced a new achievement for 2020.

Green SuperFood sent its last shipments of Tahiti limes to the U.S. in the last weeks of June, marking the end of its first export season of the fruit into the North American market.

"We have achieved market access for our Tahiti limes in the U.S. market, and thanks to Salix Fruits LLC - one the main citrus importers in the U.S. - we were able to gain access to Walmart stores," Green SuperFood's commercial manager Mauricio López said.

Opening this key market for its Tahiti limes is extremely important for the company because "it is a new category, a product that has constantly been growing in Colombia and that allows us to maintain stability in our operations," he added.

López went on to say that this involves "a new undertaking, our second product that will be exported and with the desire as a company to maintain an operation that will continue year-round out of Colombia. It is a new challenge for the company and it means we're expanding our portfolio of products".

More juice from Tahiti limes, from Colombia to the world

One advantage of the Tahiti limes exported by Green SuperFood is that they're especially juicy.

"Colombia has the advantage that, not only are we able to offer an excellent quality product that meets the requirements of our local and international markets and clients, but it also offers a fruit that is really juicy," López said.

The first shipment of Tahiti limes to the U.S. was in May of this year and the last container reached Walmart at the end of June.

For the 2021 season, López said that Green SuperFood hopes to expand its offerings of Tahiti limes from around 50 containers to 80. This also comes with the anticipation of introducing the Duty Fresh label on its products in other markets, like in Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean.

More products and more work for Colombia

The company isn't just thinking about how to expand its export portfolio, but it is also trying to increase its domestic portfolio.

López said that "in the local market we are seeing lots of opportunities, not only with products that we already have - like the Hass avocado and the Tahiti lime - but also with new fruits that we're trying to incorporate into our operations, like passionfruit and papaya".

Green SuperFood is committed to expanding work opportunities in Colombia, he explained.

"In the social component of our plans, as a company we're aiming to create jobs in the local area. Just two years ago, the company was only three people, whereas today we're creating direct employment for 200 with more than 100 indirect employees," he detailed.

In all of its operations, everything is executed in a 100% sustainable way. "When we speak about sustainability at a social, environmental and economic level, we're developing a product that is optimal, cleaner and friendlier for the environment," López concluded.

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