U.S.: Fruit imports dip slightly while vegetables jump in H1

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U.S.: Fruit imports dip slightly while vegetables jump in H1

Total fruit imports to the U.S. fell by 2% in the first half of the year while vegetable imports notched a 10% increase, recently released USDA data show.

The drop in fruit imports to US$10.96bn was driven by a 19% drop in fruit juices to US$900m and a 1% dip in fresh deciduous imports to US$1.77bn. Fresh citrus imports fell by 1% to US$451m. 

The predominant 'other' fresh fruit category - which includes avocados, bananas and berries - saw no change, holding steady at US$5.42bn from January through June.

Avocado imports fell by 3% during the period, while bananas rose by 1% and blueberries fell by 17% and strawberries declined by 6%.

Table grape imports through mid-February were up 35%, following by a 9% rise through the end of March, and then a 17% drop in the next three months.

Apples were down 22%, while limes were down 13%, mandarins were up 42% and oranges were up 19%.

Meanwhile, the total vegetable category was up 10% at US$8.35bn, driven by a 10% increase in imports of fresh vegetables excluding potatoes to US$5.29bn.

Frozen vegetables were up 8% at US$1.26bn, while prepared or preserved vegetables rose by 15% to US$900m. Potatoes notched a 38% uptick.

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