AERODOMO by Broom Group: Mobile architecture

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AERODOMO by Broom Group: Mobile architecture

By Broom Group

AERODOMO was established in 2010 within the Broom Innovation area as part of the Broom Group Companies.

Since then AERODOMO has been focused in the designing and manufacturing of Pressostatic Warehouses (Domos), for the agricultural and fruit industry, with excellent results, providing a fast and efficient solution within the logistics chain, for the temporary or permanent storage of boxes, mainly for packing and packaging for fruits, vegetables and perishable foods such as:

  • Standard format boxes
  • Trays
  • Hybrid packaging
  • Palletainer
  • Corrugated cardboard packaging
  • "Wrap around" boxes
  • Wooden boxes

Domes are a fast and low cost solution for covered surfaces with a polyester membrane specially made for this type of solutions, covered with high-tech PVC ranging from 500 sqm to 5000 sqm with a design according to the specific requirements of each client that can adapt its shape and size to the needs of the operation or the product to be covered.

AERODOMO’s factory is in the city of Casablanca, V Region, Chile. A multidisciplinary team of professionals are in charge of designing, manufacturing and installing all the modular structures that make up the dome. Our product can be installed nationally and internationally with the highest quality standard.

Domes stand out for their fast and easy installation, giving customers the chance of mounting them on any surface and the possibility of having a covering solution for process or storage at the right time facilitating their operations. Plus to the aerodynamic design and the possibility of storing palletized products in height, in big bags or bulk, have allowed many companies in the agricultural area to trust AERODOMO, using our technology, both nationally and internationally, highlighting: CNAgro, Agricom, BFH, Río King, Chisa, Safco (Peru), among others.

Domes are a great alternative for bulk storage of agricultural products or supplies, providing a solution that allows the customer the possibility to store their grain efficiently and safely.

Renting an air supported structure warehouse with Aerodomo (, is a smart option to consider when thinking about temporary storage for your products, such as bulk fertilizers, soy flour, among others, as well as for the operations of packaging, processing of mixtures or storing of raw material.

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