Agronometrics makes market data more accessible with service relaunch

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Agronometrics makes market data more accessible with service relaunch

Agronometrics is continuing with its goal of making U.S. fresh produce market data more accessible with a major relaunch of its service that includes innovative tools like market updates, price alerts, and easy navigation through USDA commercial data.

Colin Fain, CEO of Agronometrics, explained the new service is the culmination of years of requests from customers, modifications, tweaks and building new tools and reports with which to gain insights from the USDA data.

"We finally got to the point where we needed to completely restructure the service so that all the elements worked better together, making it much easier to navigate the site and get to the data that our users need," Fain said.

Produce industry professionals most likely know the company best for the ‘Agronometrics in Charts’ articles that are published weekly on, through which it offers stories that give context to pricing and volume data for different fruit and vegetable commodities in the U.S. market.

"Agronometrics is the platform behind these stories and the charts that feature in them," Fain said. "Our goal is to help the produce industry make better commercial decisions with the help of market data. To this end, we have built a wide range of tools grown from the needs of the industry, which have been tested and validated by our customers."

"With these tools, many people use the site to stay abreast of what's going on in the markets for their commodity, or study historical trends to have a better idea of what the future might hold.”

With this latest version of Agronometrics, the company offers a central dashboard where seasoned veterans and newcomers alike can get a better understanding of the markets. With one click, users will have access to weekly summaries of the market data for their commodity.

In addition, price alerts let users know when an important change in price has been detected. Individual users can also be completely personalized the service, saving the reports that are most important to them for easy access right from the dashboard.

Agronometrics works with a wide range of companies from across the entire supply chain, for whom it makes USDA Shipping Point prices and USDA Movement Volumes available. Its main customers are producers, exporters and receivers of fresh produce, but it also works with a handful of retail chains, food service companies, investment firms and academic researchers.

Fain added that what people most appreciate about the service is the ability to gain access to reliable market data when they need it. 

"This way our clients are not stumbling around in the dark when looking to make an important commercial decision," he said.

"We also take great pride in our customer service, and are always happy to address any questions and comments that our customers may have about the service and the data we host."

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