Red Sun to provide year-round peppers in Canada -

Canada: New greenhouse lighting tech creates year-round produce supplies - Red Sun Farms

North American greenhouse grower Red Sun Farms says new lighting technology in its facility is enabling it to bring a year-round supply from Canada.

There are three distinct projects underway in support of year-round Ontario grown produce.

The first is a new 27-acre facility with a dedicated partially lit growing area. This investment will allow for a longer growing season in Canada for specialty tomatoes.

The second project has 42 acres lit, all dedicated to growing 12 months of the year in organic & conventional farming. With this new technology, the company can extend
its growing season into the winter months, responding to consumer demand for local produce year-round.

Finally, a third project introduces the first of its kind LED technology that will supply Ontario peppers year-round. This unique technology recreates and modulates the full spectrum of the sun's natural light, essentially enabling the farm to deseasonalize productions.

"Introducing these new technologies into the greenhouses will allow Red Sun Farms to offer year-round supply from Ontario." States Jim DiMenna, President Red Sun Farms.

"Usually over the winter months, we ship our product from Mexico to Canada; however, this new lighting technology will allow us to give some of our Canadian customers' limited products over the winter months."