New magazine launched for fruit export industry in Chile and Peru

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New magazine launched for fruit export industry in Chile and Peru

The fruit export industry in Latin American has grown tremendously over the last few decades. This year, more than ever, with the Covid-19 pandemic and its effects on global markets, the industry requires a strategic vision about the variables that will affect the business.

It is under these circumstances that a new print Spanish-language magazine called Visión Frutícola (Fruit Vision in English) has been launched. It will be published every two months and distributed to leading companies in the fruit export industry, with a focus on Peru and Chile.

Visión Frutícola brings to light the trends affecting the fruit industry, providing analysis of commercial topics and putting the spotlight on the visions of industry leaders from around the world. In addition, it aims to highlight the effort and sacrifice of the fruit industry's pioneers and entrepreneurs.

Challenging are also opportunities - something which the fruit industry knows all too well, and which this magazine exemplifies.

Gustavo Yentzen, director of Visión Frutícola and General Manager of Yentzen Group, said he and the whole team are delighted to have been able to launch such an important project for the company.

"In a personal sense, I am so proud to have been been able to launch this magazine during a pandemic, because it highlights the role that we want to play within this important but often invisible industry," he said.

Through articles on current affairs, fruit industry chronicles, and expert opinions, among others, Visión Frutícola will analyze what is happening in the Chilean and Peruvian fruit industries and what is to come. This will be done with a global perspective, maintaining a balance of both informing and entertaining readers.

"It has been a huge challenge to develop this magazine that provides a vision of the industry and brings to light those who work or have worked in it," said Marcela Venegas, Editor of Visión Frutícola. "The magazine contains information on current affairs, but we also wanted to show the human side of the industry's protagonists and their stories."

First edition

The first edition of Visión Frutícola contains articles about the current state of the global cherry industry, forecasts for the Chinese market, and interviews with industry leaders including Craig Stauffer of Vanguard International, Alejandro García-Huidobro of Exportadora Prize and Fernando Bustamante of Coexa Perú. There are also opinion pieces relating to both Chile and Peru, a chronicle about the cyanide grape scare, and much more.

A print version of Visión Frutícola entered into circulation on Sept. 15, 2020, and the articles are also available online at

The second edition will be focused on the blueberry industry in Chile and Peru.

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