Colombia is a leading supplier of avocados to Europe

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Colombia is a leading supplier of avocados to Europe

During the first quarter of 2024, the Hass Avocado Producers and Exporters Corporation of Colombia (CorpoHass) reported significant growth in the industry's contribution to the nation's economy.

The avocado sector's input to Colombia's Gross Domestic Product surged by 150%, representing 1.5% of the national GDP, according to CorpoHass data.

Avobook highlights the impact of this growth on employment across the country. The avocado industry provided 61,063 direct and indirect jobs in 16 regions, spanning 224 municipalities. This marks a notable increase in the sector's contribution to the GDP since 2015, when it accounted for just 0.1%.

Between January and March 2024, Colombia exported 39,045 tons of avocado, with a commercial value exceeding US$78 million. 

In Colombia, there are 3,534 registered avocado plantations covering a total of 32,164 hectares. According to the CorpoHass report, which cites data from the Colombian Agricultural Institute (ICA), the main production sites include Antioquia (12,000 hectares), Caldas (6,956 hectares), Valle de Cauca (4,966 hectares), and Tolima (1,669 hectares).

Since 2021, there have been no fewer than 3,000 productive avocado farms in Colombia, demonstrating steady growth from 549 in 2015 to almost 3,600 in 2023.

As for the type of owner in charge of the crops, 12,538 hectares are in the hands of individuals; and 19,594 are under the administration of companies. Additionally, an individual dedicated to avocado production in Colombia averages 4 hectares of cultivation; while a company averages 39.2 hectares.

The main destination markets for Colombian avocados are Europe and the United States. In 2023, shipments totaling 97,883 tons were recorded; while between January and March 2024, 35,258 tons have been shipped. In this market, the most important destinations have been the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Spain, Belgium, France and Germany.

In 2023, Colombia emerged as the second most important avocado supplier in Europe, with a share of 11.6% in 2023; behind a booming Peru (44.4%) and surpassing Chile (8.8%). In the first quarter of this year, it ranks third, with 18%, behind Israel (29%) and Spain (20%).

While exports to the United States totaled 13,252 tons in 2023 and 3,106 tons in the first quarter of 2024.

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