San Miguel's exports to U.S. and China on the rise -

San Miguel's exports to U.S. and China on the rise

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San Miguel's exports to U.S. and China on the rise

By San Miguel

Renewable energies, a boost in relevant markets and a rise in volume were a few of the milestones that left a mark on San Miguel's 2020 agenda.

Despite the challenges posed by 2020 to every company worldwide, San Miguel is starting a new year on a positive balance.

Where depth in new markets is achieved, strategic alliances were consolidated, and measures were implemented to enhance productivity with respect to the different fruits the company grows and trades: citrus fruits, grapes and avocados.

One of the markets where the company made great accomplishments 2020 was China, a country that in the year received Argentine lemons for the first time. San Miguel took part in the first shipment and sent a total of 139.2 tons of lemon to the Asian country. Besides, it exported the first shipment of Argentine oranges.

There, Argentine lemons and South African oranges are traded in the wholesale Jiangnan Market, in tea houses in the south of the country and via e-commerce. In 2020, the company officially launched its product under San Miguel brand through an alliance with, the biggest online retail store in China.

In one of the biggest and most competitive markets, such as the United States, San Miguel doubled its Argentine lemon exports compared to 2019, shipping 10,000 tons in 2020 after the historical reopening of the market to this fruit three years ago. In 2021, we expect this figure to keep growing.

On the other hand, Peru is one of San Miguel's points of origin having the closest relationship with the United States, due to its geographical location. From that country and Uruguay, the company has doubled its mandarin shipments to the United States. Further, oranges have significantly enhanced the level of prices, which presented a downward trend in the past few years.

In a year that involved a production and yield record in Uruguay, South Africa and Peru, new paths also opened up through sourcing. By midyear, an opening campaign was carried out from Australia, to clients from the USA & China, in partnership with two strategic growers from the states of Victoria and Queensland.

Moreover, San Miguel is carrying out its table grape campaign in Peru. This season, the company expects a rise in production of nearly one thousand tons, primarily premium IFG varieties of seedless green grapes: Sweet Globe and Sugar Crisp which are mostly sent to the United States.

San Miguel has operations strategically located in 4 of the major citrus fruit producing and exporting countries in the Southern Hemisphere: Argentina, Uruguay, Peru and South Africa.

Production at multiple points of origin increases the company's stability and sustainability, as it enables the company to improve its access to markets, as well as contributes to mitigating the main risks associated with citrus fruit activities, related to climate, phytosanitary and macroeconomic factors.

This sound situation enables San Miguel having an outlook towards the future that contemplates the well-being of the communities the company is part of.

Sustainable Growth

Advances related to production and sales are accompanied by achievements as regards social and environmental impact. In fact, in January 2020, San Miguel started implementing its 10-year Climate Action plan.

This plan, which integrates the use of renewable energies, estimations of the carbon footprint and preservation of over 8,000 hectares of native forests that act as a sink for greenhouse gases not only achieved its goal but also exceeded our expectations.

Last August, Famaillá Industrial Complex, located in Tucumán, went from 40% to 67% of clean energy supply, and the company expects to achieve 100% during next year, depending on wind farm availability.

Besides, in 2020, San Miguel initiated its process to obtain the Blue Certificate in Peru, a distinction recognizing companies for responsible use of water. In this way, the company joined the Water Footprint Program created by the local National Water Authority.

About San Miguel

San Miguel is a leading Southern Hemisphere company that produces and distributes fresh citrus fruits and citrus fruit-derived natural ingredients originated in different points of origin (Argentina, Uruguay, South Africa and Peru) to supply customers in over 80 countries.

The company continues to permanently extend its offer, developing new products and adding value to each and every phase of the production process, keeping Sustainability as its priority throughout the operation.

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