U.S.: January sees "solid start" for apples, pears

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U.S.: January sees

Data of apples and pears from January shows that organic sales of both fruits continue increasing, Cosmic Crisp is now ranked eleventh and proprietary apples help to build dollar growth, according to a press release by Domex Superfresh Growers.

Organic apple and pear sales were up last month, with organics representing 14 percent of total pear sales and 11 percent of volume, according to Nielsen reports ending Jan. 23, 2021.

Year-on-year, organic apple sales were up 10 percent and pounds were up 4 percent, with an average retail price at US$2.26 per pound.

Cosmic Crisp has seen a 46 percent year-on-year dollar growth and 71 percent volume growth.

According to the press release, proprietary apples are helping to build dollar growth with the specific variety Autumn Glory seeing a 47 percent increase in dollar growth and a 105 percent increase in volume year-on-year.

“We are feeling optimistic about 2021,” Catherine Gipe-Steward, Communications Manager said.

“Many Americans are still home cooking and using apples and pears as a key staple produce item. With great shelf-life, durability and delicious flavors, we are set well to continue seeing growth in this coming year.”

Overall apple sales were up 5 percent and volume was flat in comparison to last year, due to an average retail increase of $.11 per pound.

The Honeycrisp variety topped charts in collars at $89 million, and Gala apples in volume at 49 million pounds.

January apple promotions were down 33 percent, according to the press release.

Regarding pears, overall sales were up 14 percent and 5 percent in volume, with the average price up 8 percent to $1.64 per pound.

Bartlett pears were on top in both sales and volume, $18 million and 12 million pounds, respectively. 

Superfresh Organics new purple packaging is now available for both pears and apples.

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