Chilean kiwifruit exports to North American up by a fifth

Chilean kiwifruit exports to North American up by a fifth

Chilean kiwifruit exports to North American up by a fifth

Chilean kiwifruit exports to the North American market are up by a fifth so far this season, with three-quarters of the total crop shipped.

Shipments to Chile's second-largest export market increased by 20 percent year-on-year through week 29, totaling 19,439 metric tons (MT)

In total, 110,624MT of Chilean kiwifruit have been shipped to all markets, with projections of 145,000MT for 2021.

The Chilean Kiwifruit Committee launched its first U.S. marketing campaign two years ago. Following a strong consumer and retail reception to its promotions, the Committee has greatly expanded its support this season, growing both consumer and retail programs. 

The 2021 campaign is in full swing, with promotions continuing throughout August, when the season is set to wind down.

Partnering with retail chains across the nation, the Chilean Kiwifruit Committee is driving sales through digital coupons, instant savings programs, tagged videos and online promotions. 

According to Karen Brux, Managing Director of the Chilean Fresh Fruit Association, retailers have been eager to promote kiwifruit health benefits and usage ideas to their shoppers.

“Kiwifruit buyers know that this is an amazing piece of fruit, and they’re partnering with us in really creative ways to get their shoppers excited about the nutrition, taste and versatility of Chilean Kiwifruit," she said.

“No matter what research you reference, it’s clear that more consumers than ever are preparing and eating their meals at home.  They’re seeking out healthy foods, and they’re cooking with more confidence and creativity. This presents huge opportunities for Chilean Kiwifruit, which is packed with both nutrition and flavor.”

In addition to its retail programs, the Chilean Kiwifruit Committee has engaged registered dietitian, Annessa Chumbley, to produce two new videos that communicate seasonal ideas for kiwifruit, highlight kiwifruit’s superfruit status and demonstrate the easiest ways to ripen and eat a kiwifruit.

The Committee is purchasing media in more than 10 major media markets throughout the U.S., including such cities as San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, and New York City, and is also working with numerous retail chains to run tagged ads in their markets. Videos can be viewed on the Fruits from Chile YouTube channel,


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