Colombian avocado exports nearly double through May

Colombian avocado exports nearly double through May

Colombian avocado exports nearly double through May

Colombian avocado exports experienced soaring growth in the first few months of 2021, nearly doubling year-on-year from January through May.

Exports to all destinations over the five-month period rose by 88 percent to US$114.3 million, according to ProColombia.

The main destinations were the Netherlands, the U.K., Spain, Belgium, France, Germany, Argentina, Russia and Costa Rica.

The dramatic growth of avocados over recent years means that the fruit is now Colombia's second-most important agricultural export.

Flavia Santoro, president of ProColombia, said: "Avocados are currently the second most exported fruit, behind bananas.

"Undoubtedly, it is a major growth-driver of the country's agro-export basket, which allows us to diversify our supply  abroad."

Although Europe remains Colombia's leading avocado market by far, the South American country continues to open up new opportunities elsewhere, such as in Asia.

Meanwhile, Jorge Restrepo, executive director of industry body Corpohass, said: "Hass avocado exports to South Korea are an example of the use of new markets opened, thanks to the strategy of the National Government's Health Diplomacy."

"In this new milestone, I highlight the commitment of entrepreneurs in this sector to take the fruit to new destinations in markets that have very demanding work plans for producers and exporters. Colombian fruit is already a new option for Korean consumers."

Restrepo added the sector has become a major part of Colombia’s non-traditional agricultural exports, attracting a lot of foreign investment from countries like Chile, South Africa, the U.S. and Peru.

Colombian avocado export volume rose by 73 percent in 2020 to 77,190 metric tons (MT). In terms of value, they grew by 64 percent to US$146.4m.

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