Peruvian avocado exports have skyrocketed in 2021

Peruvian avocado exports have skyrocketed in 2021

Peruvian avocado exports have skyrocketed in 2021

The value of Peruvian avocado exports skyrocketed to a new high this year, growing by 47 percent year-on-year through July to reach $949 million, Trade Minister Roberto Sanchez has said.

That compares to $645 million exported over the same period last year, and is up 14 percent on the $834 million exported during the whole of 2020.

This year's figures do not yet include data for August 2021, the final month of the season.

Sanchez attributed the strong results to an uptick in production and exportable fruit driven by greater investment in the country and good prices in export markets.

"I want to congratulate the hard work of farmers, cooperatives, associations and entrepreneurs in the country that have made the Peruvian avocado become a product recognized worldwide for its quality," said Sanchez.

"In our administration we will support their efforts with more training and technical assistance in the framework of regional export plans, so that together we can make Peru become the world's leading supplier."

The main destinations were the European Union, which took 54 percent, followed by the U.S., and Chile. Exports to South Korea were notable this year, quadrupling year-on-year to $30 million.

The export figure through July this year was made up of $910 million of fresh avocados and 39 million of frozen. This year, 253 Peruvian companies have shipped avocado abroad. Of these, nearly half were micro, small and medium-sized companies, 

Peru is the second largest avocado supplier in the world, after Mexico and ahead of Spain, Chile, the United States and Colombia.

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