Innovative biodegradable agricultural ties

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Innovative biodegradable agricultural ties


Sustainability, caring for the environment and economic feasibility rank as the main priorities for the horticultural and agricultural sectors.

Because of this, the American company BOA FANG offers a variety of products focused on different areas of the agricultural industry. "We pride ourselves on providing products that are biodegradable, environmentally and pocket friendly," the company said.

The company ranks as one of the few dedicated to tying processes and uses natural, biodegradable and sustainable materials. The company looks to improve plant tying as most of the existing products mistreat the plants or contaminate the land.

The company began in 1994 when its founder and current president, Patrick Rome, started developing products and in 2007 BOA FANG was created for harness ties for use by a global automotive company.

Regarding the vision, the company said: “We would like the public to join the ecological trends of today, deciding to opt for renewable products and avoiding toxic material waste, taking care of our planet and creating a market for basic products used in the field."

The business model until today has been selling "Die cuts" to the manufacturing industry (Maquilas) and we believe that BOA FANG has a better and more simple product that doesn't require further engineering and has field-proven performance.



BOA FANG ties are resistant to extreme temperatures, sun, rain and wind. Unlike many traditional ties, BOA FANG's product is designed to be multi-seasonal.

With its patented serrated design, its ties can be adjusted to various lengths for each use. Being both durable and reusable makes them one of the most efficient ties on the market.

Once the BOA FANG tie or tree guards wear down, they fall to the ground where they decompose. "Customers don't have to worry about collecting the thousands of ties scattered around your field!" the company said.

This, in addition to saving time and labor, also helps reduce your ecological footprint. Think of all the field trash and metal that would be saved by switching to an effective field compostable alternative.

Investment and innovation

BOA FANG is always investing to develop excellent products and services. Its investments include focusing on global and regional manufacturing and focused time and effort in more than 10 years of field testing the products.

The company also invests in the development of new technology patents and trademark registration while prioritizing production tooling, manufacturing machines, brand development and marketing.

"Just to start this new adventure called BOA FANG, API has invested more than one million dollars in infrastructure and resources," the company said.

Innovation is also one of its development pillars focusing on "new, more resistant-biodegradable tying products and in our application and cutting tools."

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