Meet the “Ultra” avocado buyer driving the market -

Meet the “Ultra” avocado buyer driving the market

Meet the “Ultra” avocado buyer driving the market

A small subset of avocado purchasing households are driving more than a third of total U.S. annual purchases, a recent study found. 

An avocado shopper segmentation study by the Hass Avocado Board (HAB),  found that this segment of “Ultra” shoppers only accounts for 8 percent of avocado buying homes, but is responsible for 35 percent of U.S. annual avocado purchase dollars. 

Per year, Ultra shoppers spent an average of US$100 per household, which amounts to two times that of the next segment, “Mega” shoppers. Compared to a moderate purchaser of the fruit, Ultra households spent 17 times more per year.

Ultra shoppers also visit retailers more often, and were more likely to purchase avocados during their visit than any other shopper segment. On average, Ultra shoppers made 183 trips per year to the retailer and purchased avocados during 14 percent of their trips. 

In contrast, a moderate avocado buyer household made 153 trips and purchased avocados during two percent of their trips.

However, the Ultra segment is not the only high-valued segment in the category. Mega and Super shoppers also made a disproportionately large impact on category purchases. 

Mega and Super shoppers accounted for a larger share of avocado dollars than their respective share of households would suggest. 


(Source: HAS)

Each segment represented eight percent of avocado-purchasing households, while Mega shoppers accounted for 18 percent of avocado purchases and Super shoppers accounted for 13 percent. 

Combined, Ultra, Mega and Super shoppers made up 25% of all avocado-purchasing households and 66% of avocado dollars. 

Understanding fresh avocado shoppers and their purchase behaviors help marketers and retailers create strategies that drive traffic, build loyalty, and grow sales of fresh Hass avocados. In the rapidly evolving retail landscape, market dynamics are heavily influenced by shopper characteristics and behavior, the study found.

Avocado consumption had been on a steady rise, as have its price, rising to record levels early this year, which is believed to have led to an earlier than expected harvest from some California growers. 

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