Global Cherry Summit 2022 kicks off today

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Global Cherry Summit 2022 kicks off today

The Global Cherry Summit 2022 is in full swing, marking the first in-person version of the event since 2019, and brining together professionals from different growing nations. 

Jointly organized by the Yentzen Group and the Asoex Cherry Committee and hosted at the Hotel Sun Monticello Conference Center in San Francisco de Mostazal, Chile, just south of the capital Santiago, the Global Cherry Summit will provide attendees with the latest information and trends on the growth of this fruit through expert led presentations and panel discussions.

This installment of the event is the first to take place since 2019, when the Global Cherry summit received more than 700 professionals from the main growing nations, including Chile, China, the U.S., the U.K., Australia, Brazil and New Zealand, and over 80 companies from the industry participated in the exhibition hall. 

This year the event focuses on the primary issues confronting the industry and information sessions on the inner workings of the global cherry supply chain. 

This includes presentations on Chinese supermarket chains, market analysis, marketing and communications strategies as well as panels on pertinent issues such as the continued supply chain bottlenecks and logistical challenges. 

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