Westfalia Fruit enters Colombian Hass avocado season

Westfalia Fruit enters Colombian Hass avocado season

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Westfalia Fruit enters Colombian Hass avocado season

Westfalia Fruit Group, has announced the start of its Colombian Hass avocado season with supply available now through late spring of 2023.

The market leader in growing, ripening, handling, and distributing quality avocados has realized the exciting potential to bring a sustainable, quality avocado from Colombia to other parts of the world and has been committed to bringing this vision to life.

In fact, Westfalia has played a significant role in developing the Colombian avocado market since the company planted its first avocado orchards in 2015. This ideal climate receives adequate rainfall, so much so that irrigation or additional water intake outside of the regional precipitation is not required. 

“The nurturing growing conditions, steep terrain, and beautiful soils are what make growing in Colombia so unique,” said Duncan Smith, Technical Manager at Westfalia Fruit. 

“The naturally vigorous growth and good bearing ability of the trees is promoted by the excellent growing conditions and good rains each year,” he added.

 In addition, the Colombian operation includes state-of-the-art packhouses and storage facilities which ensure consistent supply and uncompromised product quality throughout the Colombian season from May through late spring of the following year. 

Furthermore, Westfalia has implemented robust environmental, food safety and quality systems to continuously monitor, protect and preserve the supply chain and natural resources in Westfalia’s cultivation area, including soil, forests, and water.

The company grows Hass avocados in the Sonsón region of Colombia using groundbreaking clonal rootstock technology. The unique climate of Colombia helps create consistency in size and optimal yield all season long. Westfalia forecasts an increased utilization of the clonal planting which will fortify a very bright future for Colombian avocados.

“Colombia is an exciting cultivation region for Westfalia,” concluded David Fausset, Business Development Director. “We have created a world class integrated supply chain and we are thrilled to offer this quality fruit program as a commercial advantage to our customers.”

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