Peru expects greater volumes of late-season avocados

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Peru expects greater volumes of late-season avocados

Exports of Peruvian avocados up to July 4 had reached 329,000 tons, putting them on par with volume shipped during the same period of the previous season.

This is accroding to the president of the consulting firm Inform@cción, Fernando Cillóniz Benavides, who said that in the 2022 season Peru is expected to export a greater volume of late fresh Peruvian avocados, compared to the previous season, website Agraria reports.

"So far the current season is the same as last season, but there will be more avocado in the second part of the season. It is expected that in July and especially in August and September there will be more avocado than last season," he said.

Cillóniz said that the first part of the 2022 avocado season has been characterized by low prices received for the fruit in its main market -Europe - and high prices in the United States.

He added that prices in Europe are so bad that many Peruvian producers are leaving the fruit on the tree, waiting for prices to improve.

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