Vine-ripened tomatoes from Oppy are ready for picking

Vine-ripened tomatoes from Oppy are ready for picking

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Vine-ripened tomatoes from Oppy are ready for picking

Vine-ripened tomatoes from Oppy's Oceanside Pole label are ready to be picked and shipped.

The leading grower, marketer and distributor of fresh produce from around the world expects to pick nearly 2.2 million cases of rounds and over 1.6 million cases of romas from one million poles on 800 acres, according to a statement.

With tomatoes always arriving at retailer specified ripeness, Oceanside is the only large-scale pole-grown operation remaining in California. The system raises fruit off the ground to improve airflow and quality while naturally ripening on the vine, and as they travel to stores.    

Increasing its roma case-count by half a million from last season, Oppy’s Senior Sales Representative James Galindo shared, “Oceanside Pole label romas are quickly becoming recognized as the best out there — particularly for their deep red color and firmness. We’re excited to bring this significant volume increase to market to serve more of what our customers want.”

Moreover, Oceanside added a new optical sorting line at the beginning of last year’s harvest to improve operational efficiencies for the growing crop size. This state-of-the-art machinery enhances accuracy, speed and consistency while culling out any quality concerns.

“We have stringent protocols in place for food safety and traceability, ensuring all products are of the best quality,” said Director of Sales and Strategy Mark Smith of Oppy. 

“Because tomatoes are only hand-picked when ready — thanks to our central location — we can pack, ship and deliver to retailers within 24 hours. We deliver only fruit that has unmatched brix levels, robust flavor, extended shelf life and a clean-slicing texture. Oceanside Pole tomatoes are truly one-of-a-kind,” he added. 

Peak volume of vine-ripened tomatoes will pick up toward the middle of August, until the end of October, according to Smith, who noted that Oppy is packing in 22-pound two layers, 25-pound volume fill and 15-pound single layer boxes, RPCs and a 5-pound club pack.


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