UK to begin harvesting much bigger cherry crop than last year

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UK to begin harvesting much bigger cherry crop than last year

The UK is primed for a strong cherry season, with over 6,000 tons of fruit expected to hit supermarket shelves this year, up approximately 40% from last year’s numbers.

The figures have been released by Love Fresh Cherries, the largest representative trade body for British and imported cherries in the UK, who forecast another very good year of British cherry availability for retailers and consumers alike.

Favourable growing conditions, including plenty of winter chill, good blossom and good light levels has growers expecting another high-quality crop, with sizable, juicy cherries aplenty, the organization said.

With UK growers continuing to cultivate cherries across the country including in Kent, Hereford, Staffordshire, Hampshire, Lincolnshire, Essex and Scotland, Love Fresh Cherries says that consumers will have already seen British cherries appearing in stores in small quantities since mid-June. 

This week marks the start of larger volumes hitting shelves, meaning that shoppers will be able to purchase British cherries in stores all the way through to late September. 

Matt Hancock, Love Fresh Cherries spokesperson, said: This year’s British cherry crop is set to be another extremely healthy and tasty British crop, helped by the glorious weather we’ve been experiencing over the last few months.

"With exceptional growing conditions and crops harvesting earlier than last year’s late one, we’re looking forward to getting an abundance of British cherries into consumers hands this summer.”

Despite the challenges experienced across the UK fruit picking industry due to a lack of post-Brexit and post-covid seasonal labour, the cherry industry, via Love Fresh Cherries, confirms that its growers are continuing to pick and manage their crops the best that they can.

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