Agricultural Water Summit takes place successfully

Agricultural Water Summit hailed a huge success, experts call for industry to address crisis unitedly

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Agricultural Water Summit hailed a huge success, experts call for industry to address crisis unitedly

More than 650 attendees participated in the first edition of the Agricultural Water Summit, which brought together leaders and key players in the Chilean and international agricultural industry to discuss how to address the global water crisis.

The event, which took place on Thursday in San Francisco de Mostazal just to the south of the capital Santiago, was organized by Yentzen Group and included presentations by experts from the public and private sectors who provided their perspectives and proposals for the best use of water resources.

There were also educational talks and an exhibitor area with more than 60 companies showcasing products and services directly related to agricultural water use.

Gustavo Yentzen, President of Yentzen Group, said: "Our company, as an active participant in the national and international agricultural and fruit industry, realized that drought is an issue that continues to worsen in Chile. Additionally, the lack of rain has ceased to be a temporary shortage, becoming a structural and permanent variable which has been causing a serious impact on our industry for a long time.

"We therefore decided to take action on the matter and created this space for conversation that did not previously exist. We believe it is essential for the issue to begin to be taken with the seriousness it deserves".

Cristián Allendes, President of Chile's National Society of Agriculture (SNA), who opened the event, said: "We need to bear in mind the incorporation of desalination plants as an option, continue promoting water efficiency, simplify the hours of accumulation, encourage aquifers, and make good political decisions so that the authorities can give the push that is needed. We must take care of the laws, since the consequences can be irreversible."

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