Summer Citrus From South Africa adheres to the demand of the market

Summer Citrus From South Africa adheres to the demand of the market

Industry Announcements
Summer Citrus From South Africa adheres to the demand of the market


Crop Update

By the end of week 32, we are through almost 70% of our planned shipments for the season accounting for 10 conventional vessels and containers on deck in Philadelphia along with about 17,000 pallets shipped in containers to New York and Savannah, GA.

 Easy Peelers NOW represent almost 50% of our fruit basket, followed by 44% Navels and the remaining 6% are Star Ruby and Cara-Cara.

We will continue with weekly conventional arrivals till the 2nd or 3rd week of October with supplemental containers in between.

Market Update

We are now moving into the later Mandarin varieties and are eager to share perspectives from the Easy Peeler marketplace regarding SCSA's fruit and impact.

Please hear from our service providers as they elaborate on how we manage our supply chain along with the growth of the Easy Peeler category, and our grower representative who was able to join us in the U.S. for the first time since the pandemic! 

Click here or the video link below to learn more.

Did you notice how Leo Holt described the value of our summer program? 

  1. The people of Citrusdal have stayed true to controlling their supply chain to accommodate the demands of the US market
  2. Having access to partners that will bring your products to the markets you need to penetrate in a timely way
  3. Guaranteeing freshness and availability in the marketplace because of growing, cooling, and shipping excellence

Production Update

We have had our challenges on the supply chain side with unforeseen delays with some vessels, but overall, we have been able to stick to our original shipping plan.

Our success relies upon our ability to:

  1. Plan and over prepare
  2. Share real-time and advanced communication to the trade
  3. Deliver a healthy quality and quantity of fruit

These three elements of our program allow us to truly say we are ”Selling the world’s finest Summer Citrus.”

We would have not been able to successfully execute this season without the support of our loyal service providers across the globe, with a focus on the Summer Citrus program in the US.  Thank you for your support!

Stay in touch with our trade newsletter and connect with an importer!

We have gained excellent momentum with our collaborative approach and intend to keep it going.

Warm regards from South Africa,

Suhanra Conradie

CEO, Summer Citrus from South Africa

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