Canada ag labor shortage threatens food security

Canada ag labor shortage threatens food security

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Canada ag labor shortage threatens food security

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) is urging policymakers to address labor shortages in agriculture, as 74% of agribusiness owners are having to work more hours to meet deadlines. 

A report by the entity also revealed that nearly half (48%) of agribusinesses have had to turn down sales or contracts due to lack of staff. At the same time, 41% have had to decrease service offerings.

"We need policies that will support our farmers and agribusinesses to ensure the agriculture sector is competitive and productive and the current shortages of labor are prioritized," said Jasmin Guenette, Vice-President of National Affairs at CFIB. 

Guenette warned that the prevailing labor shortages in agriculture are limiting both productivity and growth, thus putting Canada's food supply at risk.

Rising prices are also affecting the sector, said the report. 

“A vast majority (94%) of agribusinesses said the rising prices of inputs have impacted their business. Supply chain challenges are also causing difficulties for 83% of agribusinesses.”

The CFIB is Canada's largest association of small and medium-sized businesses with 95,000 members across every industry and region.

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