Kapi Kapi to extend U.S. market offer with pineapples and bananas

Oro helps extend U.S. market for Kapi Kapi

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Oro helps extend U.S. market for Kapi Kapi

As it expands its tropical fruit line, Kapi Kapi Growers, Inc., based in Miami, is its U.S. geographic reach, with a rapidly growing presence serving retail and foodservice on the West Coast. Sofia Acon, the company's director, said the firm’s logistics and distribution team manages deliveries for customers nationwide. The key U.S. markets have been on the East Coast and in the Midwest. But current expansion in the West indicates the firm’s continental growth. 

Kapi Kapi ships pineapple and bananas year-round to more than 25 countries.

The latest product news for the firm is its Oro pineapple, which was announced Nov. 30. Acon describes the Kapi Kapi Oro as a pineapple with vibrant golden color and extra sweetness and taste. The Oro’s beautiful, high-shell color catches attention at retail stores. “We can pack these pineapples with and without the crown. It all depends on what fits our customers’ program preferences. These are grown in Costa Rica, which has the optimal climate to develop this product. More than 30 years of growing experience and a strong commitment to sustainability and innovation are behind this new product.”

Oro, which translates as “Gold” in Spanish, is offered alongside the brand’s traditional and Crownless pineapple varieties as well as Kapi Kapi premium bananas.

Doug Bakker, the company’s business development manager, notes the crownless pineapples reduce food waste as well as kitchen prep, benefiting most foodservice and in store cutting operations. Crownless pineapples also yield more product per case.

Despite Oro’s very recent introduction to the market, Kapi Kapi can fulfill any new or existing programs. Oro’s are packed in multiple sizes, from 5s to 9s. Europe is currently the biggest Oro market, which Acon says, “guarantees we can successfully manage the quality standards for longer transits than North America.” 

In Costa Rica, the company annually grows more than 33 million banana cases and greater than 22 million pineapples cases. The firm offers private labels and currently packs more than 60 brands, between bananas and pineapples. Each case of pineapples and bananas has full product traceability, including farm origin, packing facility, and temperature tracking.

Growing, packing, and exporting both bananas and pineapples creates “management and logistics synergies locally and with our customers at destination.” Acon adds, “We have long-standing relationships with multiple ocean transport companies that consistently deliver Kapi Kapi bananas and pineapples to numerous ports spanning the U.S. coastline. Our customized freight solutions provide customers the flexibility of reassigning port destinations based on the lowest net landed cost of goods.”  

Founded in 1987, the firm indicates it is the largest company certified carbon neutral for bananas in Costa Rica and has achieved multiple global certifications and national awards for commitment resources and its community.

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