Berry People expands to Mexico

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Berry People expands to Mexico


Berry People is proud to announce that due to its successful growth and development over the past 5 years they have officially opened a second office in Guadalajara Mexico.

Headquartered in Hollister, California, opening a second office allows closer contact and “boots on the ground” communication and relationship building in Mexico – this allows closer ties with farming operations from the different regions of Central Mexico and Baja. 

Jerald Downs, Berry People’s CEO states, “Berry People is excited to announce the opening of its offices in Guadalajara, Mexico. With our increasing on-the-ground presence in Central Mexico and Baja California, and in support of overall company growth projections, the business is establishing a strong cross-border team to handle various administrative, accounting, operational, and commercial functions. The Company has always been comprised of a diverse international group of employees, with our corporate office including persons from the US, Columbia, Spain, Mexico, and Australia. We are very excited to extend this corporate family to our new team members in Guadalajara!" 

Berry People’s understanding of agriculture, and the berry category in general, has helped plant the seeds for this new chapter of expansion – this season they will be cultivating their own conventional and organic strawberries via farming joint ventures in Baja, California. 

“We are planted and ready for the ramp up the supply of Baja strawberries in January, with a diversified mix of grower partners from Pinos to Maneadero,” said Downs.

Downs continued: “We have good supply commencing in the Jan-Mar window, both organic and conventional, and are excited to get the season rolling.”

The secondary office location will allow Berry People ™ to continue exploring improved varieties in ways that are correspondent to the future of strawberry agronomy around the world. 

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