Autumn Glory apple starts the season with positive shipment volumes

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Autumn Glory apple starts the season with positive shipment volumes

In November, the Autumn Glory apple hit retail shelves for what appears to be a record-setting season.

With shipment volumes at all-time highs, Autumn Glory ranked number two in the Washington State “Other Variety” category according to the November shipment report. The week after Thanksgiving sported a whopping 104% growth over the previous year.

November and December trends forecast strong New Year sales. Sales were up 104% the week of Nov. 26, and up 98% the week of Dec. 3 according to Nielsen data. 

Average retail rose $0.16 to $1.84, in line with Fuji and other core apples. Autumn Glory is a top 20 apple year-round, surpassing several other distinguished branded apple varieties. 

Looking at Q4, Autumn Glory posted gains in every metric. Most importantly, volume increased over the number of stores selling, showing increased volume flow through each store. 

Volume increased 13.4%, while store selling increased by 10.6%, from Sept. 4, 2022, to Dec. 31, 2022, according to Nielsen data. Despite harvest delays, overall November volumes posted significant gains each week over 2021 volume. 

Another Q4 win shows that Autumn Glory outpaced total apples and total produce in volume. Autumn Glory volume was up 13%, while total apple volume was down -3%, and total produce volume was down -0.5%. 

Flavor is the top priority for Autumn Glory’s success. The Superfresh horticulture team personally tastes apples from each Autumn Glory orchard to determine harvest timing. 

Autumn Glory boasts natural caramel and cinnamon notes.

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