Super Bowl LVII: Mexican avocado industry kicks off shipments.

Mexican avocado industry prepares for Super Bowl LVII

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Mexican avocado industry prepares for Super Bowl LVII

The Association of Producers and Packers Exporters of Avocados from Mexico (APEAM) is kicking off the Super Bowl season with a shipment of over 64,000 tons of the fruit.

Widely known as the peak season for guacamole enthusiasts, the upcoming Super Bowl LVII will be no exception. 

Avocados From Mexico is currently the top seller in the U.S. and the brand is no stranger to the sports event, with over 360 marketing campaigns integrating consumers for almost a decade.

Shipments usually begin four weeks prior, with Mexican growers expecting a strong demand.

"We have increased the number of tons for export, seeking 130 thousand in this very important season for the avocado. This kickoff symbolizes that this industry is always thinking about its final market, its consumer,” said APEAM president Jose Luis Gallardo. 

Avocados from Mexico will be present during the Super Bowl with a new 30-second commercial, which highlights flavor and other benefits of avocados and guacamole.

The Mexican avocado industry leads global production and exports, with over a million tons shipped worldwide. 

Importers on the lookout

Much like U.S. consumers, providers such as Calavo Growers are also awaiting Mexico’s shipments ahead of the big event, which will be broadcast across the country.

Peter Shore, vice president of Product Management at Calavo, told that they have seen excellent supplies, both in volume and quality. 

The executive particularly referred to the product’s maturity, ripening and eating quality, which he deemed “fantastic”.

Regarding the peak for retail sales, Shore assured that Calavo is well positioned to fill the market’s demand.

“Q1 and Q2 have always been strong selling months for avocados. With good supplies predicted from all countries of origin, we will have good supplies through the summer,” he said.

Calavo is currently looking to expands its ripe and bag programs with multiple sizes and counts.

“Avocados are a great value for retail and foodservice accounts with promotable volume through the spring,” Shore added.

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