Provid releases Peru grape statistics

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Provid releases Peru grape statistics

Peru’s table grape production for 2022-23 is projected to increase 13% over last season, according to the second seasonal projection by Provid, the Peruvian Table Grape Producers Association. This represents an estimated total of which represents 73 million 18-pound (8.2 kg) boxes.  

Provid statistics show that Peru exported 64 million boxes in 2021-22, which is 13% greater than the 57 million boxes of table grapes for the 2020-21 season. This growth reflects maturing vines in Peru, given that vineyard land rose only two percent before 2020-21 and 2021-22. This rise was from 20,775 hectares to 21,099, or 52,000 acres to 52,700.

The value of Peru’s table grape exports has increased steadily since 2012-13, when the total value was $380 billion. In 2020-21, the export value was $1.17 billion. But 2021-22 the value hit $1.37 billion. 

Alejandro Cabrera, Provid’s general manager, provided this information, which also breaks down the top ten grape varieties produced in Peru. In decreasing acreage order, these are: Red Globe, Sweet Globe, Autumn Crisp, Crimson Seedless, Allison, Sugraone, Sweet Celebration, Timpson, Jacks Salute and Ivory. Of Peru’s total table grape acreage, white seedless represents 45% of the production, red seedless 29%, Red Globe 21%, and 5% is black seedless.

As far as top export varieties, Red Globe accounts for 25%, Sweet Globe represents 18% of exports and Allison 7%.  Autumn Crisp ranks fourth at 6% of export volume, followed by Sweet Celebration at 5%.

Sixty-four percent of the acreage is of licensed grapes and 36% is traditional varieties. 

Ica is Peru’s largest growing region, accounting for 48% of the acreage. Piura, in the northwest, accounts for 36% of Peru’s vineyard area.

Cabrera says Provid’s purpose is to defend and represent the interests of its 56 associates, who represent 74% of Peru’s total grape export volume. A non-profit organization, Provid is primarily focused on addressing phytosanitary and government affairs. The members of Provid, which was founded in 2001, include Peruvian institutions, international, public, and private institutions. 

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