Port of Chancay: Progress of Peru's mega port

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Port of Chancay: Progress of Peru's mega port

The inauguration of Peru's "mega-port" is scheduled for November. Work at the Port of Chancay, an investment of the Chinese shipping company Cosco Shipping, is advancing to meet the agreed dates, and a few days ago, the first 5 electric cranes arrived.

With the arrival of the equipment, the Port of Chancay marks a milestone with the introduction of automated and electric yard cranes, which are part of a total set of 27 cranes.

During the arrival of the cranes, the CEO of Cosco Shipping Ports Chancay Peru, Chen Lihui, said, "We are gathered to celebrate a significant milestone for the Port of Chancay with the arrival of the first batch of port equipment.

"These 5 automated, rail-mounted gantry cranes are the most modern of their kind in the entire region and symbolize a great step forward for the port. It would not have been possible without the efforts of a great team, we have worked together with determination to ensure that the project moves forward as planned."

For her part, the president of Peru, Dina Boluarte, said, "From now on, Colombia, Ecuador, and Chile will be able to bring their goods directly to China. The port of Chancay will reduce waiting times and increase cargo capacity for trade between Asia and the region (...). This mega project ratifies that Peru is a reliable partner for investments, which will improve the living conditions of more Peruvians."

To learn more details, FreshFruitPortal.com spoke with the public affairs manager of the Port of Chancay, Mario de Las Casas Vizquerra, who commented on the progress of the project and the contribution in logistics for Peruvian agro exports.

He indicated that by late May, the project was 83% complete: "We are already receiving equipment and placing the lighting towers. We are planning to inaugurate the project on November 18".

In this sense, he explained that after receiving the first five electric yard cranes, they expect to receive the second shipment by the end of June and the last cranes in August.

"We will have a capacity of 1,000 containers and aim to move a million containers in the first year. The initial project includes four terminals—two for containers and two for bulk cargo—allowing us to handle up to one and a half million containers," Vizquerra said.

Southern Cone

The port's public affairs manager emphasized that Chancay is born with a different seal, "because one of the partners, Cosco, is one of the main players in the shipping industry. They will start with a strategy of making direct trips to Asia from Chancay."

He added that the inauguration of the port not only benefits Peru but also neighboring countries. "The project will improve transport times, which is very important for perishable products".

He added that "our neighbors such as Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, and Argentina are happy with the project, because the distance times will be reduced. In addition to implementing a route with economies of scale, with large ships over 18,000 containers".

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Mario de Las Casas Vizquerra is optimistic because he considers that the port has triggered many infrastructure projects and "it is the tip of the iceberg of everything that the region can generate."


Vizquerra explained that Chancay port will have the deepest draft in all of Latin America, "which is 17.8 meters, meaning that the largest fully loaded ships will be able to enter without any problem."

Another benefit is directly related to the arrival time to China since transport from Chancay to the country will take 23 days.

He indicated that the investment of the first stage is 1,300 million dollars and that the complete plan, which consists of 15 terminals, contemplates a total of more than 3,500 million dollars, which will be carried out in accordance with the growth of supply and demand.

The executive highlighted the modernity of the port as "it has practically zero carbon footprint because everything is electric and the part of the containers is automated. The trucks will transit without drivers and everything will be with 5G technology".

Agro exports

Regarding Peruvian agro exports, he said there's enormous optimism in the sector since producers are aiming at the Asian market.

"With the Port of Chancay, a huge window of opportunity opens up for them, with the demands that exist in Asian countries. So it will have a very positive impact on agro-exports, because you are going to be able to reach the Asian market in a short time," said Vizquerra.

He concluded by saying that the port will complement all the agricultural development of the region in upcoming years. 

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