Zespri launches new merchandising campaign at SEPC Southern Exposure

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Zespri launches new merchandising campaign at SEPC Southern Exposure

During the SEPC Southern Exposure trade show in Orlando (March 2-4), Zespri will showcase its new merchandising displays with updated graphics highlighting this year’s Taste the Obsession marketing campaign. 

According to the company, Taste the Obsession will showcase the brand’s commitment to sharing high-quality, refreshingly sweet kiwifruit to ignite the good in consumers’ days. 

“Our campaign tells our bold, brand story of the passion and care that goes into growing our kiwifruit in an unexpected, playful way,” explains Jeanne Wilson, Zespri’s Head of Marketing for North America. 

“We’re excited to build upon our growing category success as we collaborate with retailers nationwide to develop customized programs and build impactful displays for our Zespri SunGold and Green Kiwifruit.”

Kiwifruit is currently ranked as the #1 fastest-growing segment in the fruit bowl, outpacing total fruit by 11 points. 

Category sales have reached $265 million over the past year, which is a 14% growth year-on-year.  Zespri has a 52% share of the category. Zespri’s proprietary SunGold Kiwifruit is driving the category growth accounting for 48% of the total kiwifruit category with total sales growing over $90 million year-on-year.

With big investment in digital media, along with influencer partnerships and robust event sampling programs, Zespri has gained new households at a steady rate across the U.S. and accelerated in areas where it has strong synergy between marketing support and sales partnerships. 

To continue on this growth path, Zespri is running digital programs again this year including social, email, online video and display advertising in addition to driving trials for SunGold Kiwifruit with Ibotta, digital coupons, and event activations. 


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“The SEPC trade show is a good opportunity for retailers to meet with Zespri’s team to start planning for the season before our fruit ships in May,” states Wilson. 

“Shoppers are unique so one program doesn’t work across all regions. We are available to customize programs designed for each retailer’s specific shopper needs. We are excited to help retailers grow their sales by using our marketing resources, displays, and knowledge of merchandising and promoting kiwifruit which is the most profitable

for them.”

The combination of Zespri’s marketing efforts and in-store placement will help drive retail sales. 

“The bold, attention-grabbing graphics on the display tie into the consumer campaign, which will be cohesive across all marketing channels,” explains Wilson. “Zespri Kiwifruit is a high growth, the everyday item now, and it sells best when it is prominently displayed because it adds incremental sales to the produce department. It is no longer viewed as an exotic fruit. Shoppers can’t get enough of this nutritious and deliciously sweet fruit.” 

Retailers saw a 92% increase in sales average when a display was paired with a TPR. Zespri’s SunGold Kiwifruit display sales showed an increase of $6 million compared to last season. 

For even more sales, retailers are encouraged to move Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit adjacent to berries. This could result in a 64% increase in total fresh fruit sales uplift driven by higher basket spend, based on a 3rd party merchandising study.Moving kiwis next to berries does not negatively impact berry sales; it drives total department sales.

This season, Zespri is inviting both retailers and consumers to join in on the growing “obsession” with kiwifruit. Retailers and industry leaders are encouraged to stop by booth 621 to see the new merchandising displays, meet with the team, and start planning for a successful 2023.

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