Zimbabwe ramps up Hass avocado production

Zimbabwe ramps up Hass avocado production

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Zimbabwe ramps up Hass avocado production

Zimbabwe’s southeastern district of Chipinque has an ideal climate for the production of Hass avocados, and the country have started focusing on this variety during the last few years. 

Based on its location, and the demand for this variety, local producers have export prospects to other countries in Africa, Asia, and Europe. 

In recent years, producers from Zimbabwe have tried to expand their business to new markets in Europe, specifically Norway, Portugal, Spain, Poland, and Belgium in an effort to diversify the market. China has also become a prospect. 

Oversupply from Peru and other producers put pressure on pricing for Zimbabwean producers, therefore expanding to businesses where they have an advantage in terms of location is important. 

However, an advantage that Zimbabwe has with regard to exports to the  EU is that thanks to Economic Partnership Agreements, local exporters can enjoy duty-free and quota-free access to the market. 

In Africa, trading lanes are also clear for potential new business with other countries in the continent. South Africa remains the country’s top trader, and avocado consumption there has also increased, opening yet another business opportunity for producers. 

Hass avocado consumption has increased so much indeed, that producers in Zimbabwe have switched to the variety in recent years, knowing that there is an established market abroad. Before, green skin avocado was the main variety grown in the country. 

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