The U.S. is among the main buyers of Ancash mangos from Peru

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The U.S. is among the main buyers of Ancash mangos from Peru

In 2022 Peru exported 256,456.27 tons of mango with a total value that exceeded USD$294 million. The United States was the second largest importer with 81 thousand tons, behind the Netherlands with 98,000.

According to Adex figures, processed by the Service for Integral Rural Development (SEDIR), the Ancash region exported 30,853 tons of mango for a value of USD $49.9 million. 

In addition, the northern region is the second mango exporter with 12 % of the national production, while the first producer is Piura with 201,329, which represents 80% of the total production.

"Peruvian mango has been consolidating in the international market despite the crisis we are going through,” said the executive director of SEDIR, Juan Cerna.

Earlier this year, Peru was affected by social and political unrest throughout the country's main producing regions after the president, Pedro Castillo, was ousted in December after attempting to temporarily suspend congress.

“Each year production is growing, although in 2023 there may be a decline due to the water crisis that has affected the productivity of the fields in the Ancash region," explained Cerna.

Mangoes produced particularly in Moro and in the Nepeña valley, in Áncash, are of premium quality due to the quality of their veneer (red color), and 80 % are transported by air. 

Of all the mango from Ancash, 64 % is exported by sea, 34 % by air and the other 2 % by road.

Problems for the 2023 season

The mango season in Ancash began in the province of Casma and producers have been disappointed by the low price that buyers are paying per kilo of mangoes exported by sea and by air.

Several farmers have already mentioned that they will not recover their investment considering that their production costs were higher due to the increase in chemical fertilizers. The mango season in Moro will start in April.

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