Peru's agricultural industry going back to normal

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Peru's agricultural industry going back to normal

The Peruvian Association of Table Grape Producers (PROVID), has expressed its gratitude to both citizens and local authorities for clearing the roads in the region of Ica and allowing Peru's agricultural industry to slowly go back to normal.

As of Jan 30., the sector is returning to normal activities, with the main roads now free for transit.

This comes after 11 days of intermittent roadblocks that severely affected a number of agricultural operations in the growing region, preventing the products from reaching the main ports and being shipped to the international markets.

The blockades have also affected domestic supply, with communities being unable to access fresh produce and other goods.

Along with these shortages, farmworkers have been unable to reach the fields to begin harvesting. The situation has hindered the country’s export capacity, directly affecting Peru's agricultural industry and its economy.

The three points that are usually blocked in this region when a demonstration takes place are: Barrio Chino (km 262), Expansion (km 290), and El Alamo (km 299).


Featured image by Andina.

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