The “ugly” company fighting fruit waste in the U.S.

The Ugly Co. fighting fruit waste in the U.S.

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The Ugly Co. fighting fruit waste in the U.S.

Kingsburg based The Ugly Co. is hoping to put an end to a very common problem: food waste.

Founded in 2018, the firm takes imperfect or “ugly” fruit and processes them to make healthy dried snacks. By 2019, it began selling its first products.

Cherries, peaches, white nectarines, apricots and kiwis are some of the company’s most popular creations. 

“If I started looking at what the industry as a whole was doing, it just came to the conclusion that there was no sellable demand for this fruit and there was nothing to do with it,” founder Ben Moore told The Sun Gazzete.

A fourth-generation farmer, Moore explains that growers are often faced with dumping fruit that is not deemed fit for sale, a problem that struck a chord with his upbringing and a desire to help fight food waste.

The company recently expanded to Farmersville, after purchasing a manufacturing plant that is sure to help them process fruits faster and more efficiently, Moore said to the publication.

The Ugly Co. products are available for purchase on their website and will soon arrive to Sprouts stores nationwide, select REI, Whole Foods and HyVee stores and Kroger Banners, like Ralph’s and Fry’s, later this year along the West Coast.

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