First U.S. bound exports of pomegranates from Peru’s Tacna region

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First U.S. bound exports of pomegranates from Peru’s Tacna region

Peru has certified the first 18-ton container of pomegranates from Peru's Tacna region, which will be marketed in the United States. 

Pomegranate production has become a great commercial opportunity for farmers in the Tacna region. During the 2022 season, they were able to certify a total of 50 hectares of pomegranate in full production.

According to official records, the export period for the fruit is from January to July of each year. To date, Peruvian pomegranate has access to 36 international markets. The main destinations for this product are the Netherlands (61%), Canada (8%), the United Kingdom (5%) and Russia (5%), Arab Emirates (3%), among others.

Growing exports

Tacna is not the first region involved in the exportation of this product, actually, the production is currently concentrated in Ica, with a share of 80%.  Then come Arequipa (13%), and Lima (5%); among other regions are Lambayeque (1%) and Ancash (0.1%).

The export of pomegranates has tremendous growth potential, last year producers managed to increase the export volume by 27%, compared to the previous campaign.

SENASA has two important roles in agricultural exports, the first is to ensure that the plants and vegetable products that Peru exports are not a means for the spread of quarantine pests to the importing country; and the second is to continue generating new commercial windows for Peruvian products.

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