Frutesa celebrates 40th Anniversary

Frutesa celebrates 40th Anniversary leading Guatemalan tropical fruit exports

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Frutesa celebrates 40th Anniversary leading Guatemalan tropical fruit exports


Frutas Tropicales de Guatemala, S.A., commercially known as Frutesa, marked its 40th Anniversary in May 2023 and celebrated it with a joyful encounter shared with the people who have contributed their work, effort and dedication for Frutesa to reach this important milestone as a successful company that enjoys appreciation and recognition both in Guatemala and in the international market of fresh fruits and vegetables.  

Gloria Elena Polanco Boburg, who founded the company and started exporting fresh fruits and vegetables from Guatemala to Europe back in 1983, is still President of the agro exporter. 

At the celebration, she thanked each and every one of those present for their efforts, dedication and support throughout all these years and acknowledged that each one has played an important role in the success of the company.

Frutesa regularly exports fresh produce to the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France, Germany and Spain, and more occasionally to Ireland and the United States. 

Frutesa products are also sold in Romania, Hungary, Russia and Poland.

Avocados, snow peas, sweet peas and French peas are grown by independent farmers who plant under contract with Frutesa, observing all safety standards and supervised by Frutesa's technicians and engineers.  

And in its processing and packing plant located in Santo Tomás Milpas Altas, Sacatepéquez, Guatemala; facilities that meet the strictest international standards in both infrastructure and operation, Frutesa hygienically packs the products according to the specifications of each of its customers.  

The company ships more than 50,000 packages per week that arrive directly to the consumer in supermarkets in the European continent under the Frutesa brand.  

Products are also packed in bulk for restaurants, catering companies, wholesale markets and institutions.

During the celebration, the company awarded several employees who have been with the company for more than 25 years and 54 people who have been with the company for more than 6 years.

Clark MacDonald, Frutesa's partner and Deputy General Manager of the company in charge of operations, addressed the following words to Gloria Elena Polanco at the protocol ceremony of the anniversary celebration

"We have put a lot of work into developing a company that would put Guatemalan fruits and vegetables on the world map. We have put a lot of attention in offering an excellent and world-class service. 

We have put a lot of effort into employing our people, remunerating them fairly, training them and treating them with respect, cordiality and affection. 

We have put a lot of dedication to our producer partners, contributing to their development with training, technical assistance and financing, always interacting with them at the same level. 

We have taken special care to establish very close relationships with our customers, the kind you only have with your family. We have invested heavily in building an infrastructure that meets all safety, efficiency and innocuousness requirements, in equipment that is at the height of technology and in guaranteeing the quality of our products. 

Finally, we have put all our efforts into creating, developing and maintaining a company with an impeccable reputation that transcends our borders. 

And it seems that all this that Gloria Polanco dreamed, that she taught us, that she instilled in us and that she guided us to do, has given an excellent result and has allowed us to get to celebrate our first 40 years of success!"

Gloria Polanco added:

"Already with my son Luis Teo ready to take over from me, Frutesa is going for more. True success is achieved when we reach objectives that go beyond the personal interests of those involved".


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