Colombia Avocado Board releases handling guide

Colombia Avocados releases handling guide

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Colombia Avocados releases handling guide

The Colombia Avocado Board (CAB) offers a new comprehensive guide for handling avocado imports coming from South America, and specifically from Colombia.

This comes as Colombian avocado exports into the U.S. have reached record levels, with a 104% increase in volume this season.

Colombia’s orchard numbers  expanded to 244 from 150 in 2021.

For the 2023 season, production has jumped to nearly 25 million pounds.

With export volumes rising, CAB aims to secure good quality while educating the supply chain on appropriate avocado handling.

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The guide, authored by industry expert John Bower, covers all stages throughout the supply chain, from pre-planting to retail, on the best methods for maintaining the appearance, flavor, and shelf life of Colombian avocados.

This handbook helps growers, shippers, and importers/exporters “achieve and maintain the highest quality product for the longest possible time.”  This is the result of nine month’s field and investigative work.

“Our goal in developing this guide is to enable every person throughout the supply chain to provide the best avocados possible to their customers and build on our reputation as a global avocado leader,” said William Watson, CAB managing director.

The guide is available for free download here.

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