Independent retail produce gains a new competitive tool

Independent produce retailers gain a new competitive tool

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Independent produce retailers gain a new competitive tool

Independent retail produce operations can boost their competitive position with a new branded web-based application, Empower Fresh. This serves independent retail produce operations from buyers’ offices to the backroom cooler and display floor. 

Its role answers the inherent advantages of the conglomerate grocery chain competition. Based in Kansas City, MO, Empower Fresh Company is the creator of a revolutionary software solution that modernizes the produce department of North America’s independent grocers. The firm was conceived and founded by produce industry veteran Anthony Totta, who announces the immediate introduction of this unique technology in a June 19 press release.

Anthony Totta.

A third-generation family grocer in Missouri, Totta used his insights and produce passion to consult for three decades with growers, shippers, and retailers – particularly independent grocers – to improve their profitability. The Empower Fresh concept came to the fore as Totta observed disadvantages independents face in competing with broad-based data mining at the fingertips of well-staffed, large corporate produce operations.

The proprietary software solution delivers real time actionable intel that empowers fresh produce teams to make critical strategic daily business decisions impacting fresh produce department performance.

“Our revolutionary produce management solution costs a small fraction of the total gross profit gained. The retailer cannot afford not to empower their teams with our tool,” notes Totta, who is his firm’s chief visionary officer. 

Totta simplifies the message, noting that Empower Fresh data helps independent operators to “know what they didn’t know they didn’t know.” 

Designed by technical designers, guided by Totta and his collaboration with other top produce industry experts, Empower Fresh brings a toolbox of tips and trade resources. The secure application can be accessed from any web-connected device.

Produce buyers and merchandisers may work on their office computers for detailed information impacting gross profit, product shrink and competitive positioning, as store managers and clerks are cued by smart phones or tablets to boost ongoing, efficient backroom operations and competitive retail produce displays. 

Totta explains that Empower Fresh enables produce professionals to look forward as they drive their departments, instead of looking backward to see what already happened. He extends the driving comparison to a GPS navigation parallel. When a driver turns right rather than left, the GPS immediately offers an alternate route to get back on course. Empower Fresh is constantly there to help produce operations find the best course to efficient and profitable produce operations. 

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