SanLucar bringing Sweet Sense papayas to Europe

SanLucar bringing Canary papayas to Europe

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SanLucar bringing Canary papayas to Europe

Valencia-based company SanLucar is boosting its tropical fruit deal with Sweet Sense papayas, which are marketed in Europe.

The fruit is cultivated in the warm climate of the Canary Islands off the Spanish coast, with  average year round temperatures between 64ºF and 82ºF. This ensures abundant yields and high quality 12 months a year.

The islands’ high humidity and warm temperatures combined with the fertile soils also contribute to its particular sweetness, always above 11º Brix and ripened on the tree.

The distinctive aromatic flavor reminds of mango and orange, with a hint of melon. The variety has tasty, juicy and firm, orange-colored flesh.

They can be enjoyed on its own, in smoothies or as a tangy addition to fruit salads, SanLucar says.

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“Our papayas incarnate the essence of the tropics, and we are delighted to  share this exceptional fruit experience with our valued clients. We will support the product launch with many promotions and secondary placements. Let yourselves be surprised," says Armin Rehberg, CEO of SanLucar.

The sustainable and environmentally friendly cultivation complies with the Global GAP  and GRASP, IFS and Canarian Integrated Production certifications.

Furthermore, the delivery route within Europe is comparatively short. The papayas are also available in SanLucar boxes of 8.8 pounds.

Sweet Sense papayas are already available in Germany and Austria.

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