Copefrut posts first sustainability report

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Copefrut posts first sustainability report

Chilean company Copefrut recently presented its first sustainability report, as the firm seeks to take its environmental commitments forward.

The document showcases Copefrut’s 2021-22 economic, social, and environmental performance, after the introduction of its new corporate sustainability policy last year.

"This report represents a true milestone for Copefrut, which, after 67 years of history, formalizes the actions that we have been undertaking and that are currently part of an efficient management model that strengthens our daily work," said chairman of the board, José Luis Soler.

Among its results, Copefrut accounted for the carbon footprint mitigation in the transportation of its organic apples to the U.S. and Europe through the purchase of bonds to offset greenhouse gas emissions.

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The report also highlights the consolidation of the firm’s energy management system and the drive for innovation in the use of packaging materials with minimal environmental impact.

Andrés Fuenzalida, the company's general manager, said that "generating a global sustainable culture is imperative since each part of the company's value chain has impacts that we must address, and it requires company wide commitment to add more value."

Alba Llavona, sustainability manager at Copefrut, said that the results reflect long term relationships with local producers, progress towards operational excellence, and strong commercial performance.

Copefrut is the second-largest cherry exporter in the Southern Hemisphere, and one of the top ten fruit companies in Chile.

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