Recyclable food trays brings sustainability to retail

Recyclable food tray solution brings sustainability to retail

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Recyclable food tray solution brings sustainability to retail

Packaging company Clearly Clean launched a full line of recyclable, overwrap food trays targeted specifically to grocery retailers and wholesalers. 

The solution downgauges tray thicknesses to enable a quick, easy, and more cost-effective conversion to 100% recyclable food trays.

The new, skinnier trays are made from PET, which is the same material used for plastic water bottles.

The patented rolled edge mitigates tears in the overwrap film and provides “a unique hoop strength that will maintain the tray’s structural integrity even though it is a thinner gauge,” Clearly Clean claims.

They can be utilized primarily for poultry, meat, produce, seafood, and deli.

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“We have seen strong interest in our grocery solution with multiple clients already on board,” says Clearly Clean CEO Jimmy Herring.. 

The solution is meant to be applied at store level, as thinner trays require minimal shipping and handling.

“Historically, we have primarily sold to food processors, but as consumer pressure increases and government bans and corporate sustainability goals begin to take effect, retailers and wholesalers are increasingly looking for more eco-friendly options,” Herring adds.

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