At VOG - Home of apples, there is the right apple for every need, 12 months a year

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At VOG - Home of apples, there is the right apple for every need, 12 months a year


Origin, expertise, sustainability and a wide assortment of varieties and brands make the Consortium an international benchmark for the sector.

A home where customers and consumers can find the right assortment of apples for their needs 12 months of the year, together with leading experts in the field: all this is VOG – Home of apples.

A leader in the apple-growing sector for more than 75 years, the VOG Consortium today consists of 11 cooperatives uniting 4,600 farmer families in South Tyrol - Südtirol, in the Italian Alps, one of Europe’s most suitable areas for apple cultivation. Annual production, which stands at 550,000 tonnes, is destined for over 75 international markets on 4 continents. 

Expertise, authority and quality make VOG a benchmark for the sector, partly thanks to an assortment of more than 30 varieties and brands from integrated and organic production, including Marlene® brand apples and other successful and innovative internationally known brands.

Origin, expertise, sustainability, products and brands

The VOG – Home of apples strategy is based on four core values, which together represent the Consortium’s position and distinctiveness in the market.

Origin. All VOG production areas are located in South Tyrol - Südtirol, a cradle for high-quality apples, at altitudes ranging from 200 to 1,000 meters. In this wealth of microclimates, each apple variety finds the ideal habitat to grow with excellent taste and crisp, juicy flesh.

Expertise. From 4,600 farmers, via 11 cooperatives, to the sales, quality control, administration, logistics, marketing and PR departments: at VOG more than 10,000 experienced hands share skills to deliver value to the entire production chain. At VOG, generational knowledge is combined with the drive to update and innovate in order to meet the challenges of global markets.  

Sustainability. For VOG, sustainability means finding the right balance between protecting the environment in which we live and the economic and social sustainability of the industry. It is a commitment for the future of the generations of growers to come, reflected in the promotion of and participation in sustainapple, the strategy for the sustainable development of the South Tyrol - Südtirol apple sector.

Products and brands. Innovation and varietal assortment have always been among the strengths of the VOG Consortium, which can supply the right apple for every need and market all year round, both from integrated production and organic cultivation. From the Marlene® brand, the daughter of the Alps, which has won over Italian and international consumers, to brands established in several countries such as Pink Lady®, Kanzi®, envy™, yello®, SweeTango™, Joya® and Crimson Snow®, as well as the latest generation of apples such as RedPop®, Giga®, Cosmic Crisp® and many others. A unique offer in Europe that positions VOG as category leader in the sector and the ideal partner for creating an attractive assortment at the point of sale 365 days a year.

Where apples are at home, including organic

Annual production of over 30,000 tonnes of organic apples grown in South Tyrol. 300 dedicated member growers, a wide assortment of varieties and brands, 40 export countries and a market presence 12 months a year, always with top-quality fruit. These are the figures for VOG’s organic range.

The Consortium offers a wide 100% organic assortment, with its own brands Biosüdtirol and Marlene® Bio – the daughter of the Alps, including classic varieties together with segment specialities such as Natyra®, Pilot, Story®, GoldRush® and Topaz, along with organic versions of consumers’ favourite brands.

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