Grape Reporter

Why locally developed table grape varieties matter

Jorge Torres G. - White Seedless Manager at the Vida Produce Company, and ASOEX Fruit Technology Consortium Director explains why Chilean table grape growers must also be focused on developing their own varieties which respond to the country's unique growing conditions and logistical reality.
May 05 , 2022

State of the Grape Market - May 2022

Decofrut presents the State of the Market for table grapes during April, looking at supply, demand and pricing for three markets over the last month- in the U.S., Europe and China.
May 05 , 2022

Freight costs weighing heavy on Mexico’s table grape industry

"Freight is more expensive than the product, it's killing us", Juan Laborin, General Director of the Mexican table grapes association AALPUM told the Grape Reporter.
May 05 , 2022

Oppy announces its first tech investment

Oppy has invested in an AI technology that harnesses deep learning AI to forecast and manage the yield of a specific crop, and is starting testing with table grapes.
May 03 , 2022

Agronometrics in Charts: California grape growers grapple with uncertainties 

A look at the state of California grapes heading into a new 2022 season, and some of the issues facing the growing region responsible for 99 percent of U.S. domestic grape production.
May 03 , 2022

Indian table grape exports to surpass last year's total despite dip in shipments to Russia

The Nashik district - which produces almost all of the country's export-bound grapes - has so far sent 112,000 tons to overseas markets.
April 29 , 2022

Winter pruning in table grapes: Process and treatments

The objective is to achieve proportional growth of wood and fruits and obtain an ideal distribution of the load on the plant.
April 20 , 2022

Pacific Trellis sees growth from Mexico table grape harvest 

Pacific Trellis Fruit expects to see growth coming from its Mexico table grape program, which includes over 20 varieties and will start shipping in the middle of May.
April 20 , 2022

Behind Frutura’s acquisition of Subsole 

After complementing its purchase of Peru’s Agricole Don Ricardo in 2021 with an acquisition of Chile's Subsole, Frutura CEO David Krause spoke with The Grape Reporter about this strategic move and the synergies it brings.
April 20 , 2022

Agronometrics in Charts: The season unfolds for Mexico’s white seedless grape varieties 

Projections suggest a significant increase of imports of Mexico white seedless varieties during this year's table grape season.
April 14 , 2022