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Chile's Osku forms alliance with New Zealand packaging company

Osku and Convex Plastics are teaming up to improve fruit shelf life.
February 08 , 2013

Kiwifruit makes global strides over past decade

Italy took the top spot for global kiwifruit production but New Zealand showed skill in marketing.
February 08 , 2013

U.S. Farm Bill pushes toward resolution

The U.S. Farm Bill has been made a Senate priority but still faces budget debates.
February 08 , 2013

Italy: Summerfruit wins rights to early gold kiwifruit

Italy's Summerfruit has bagged a new gold kiwifruit to add to its early window portfolio.
February 08 , 2013

Third employee pulled into Adams Produce fraud case

Another Adams Produce official has been accused of conspiracy to defraud the U.S. federal government.
February 08 , 2013

Australia: Growcom welcomes natural disaster assistance

Government disaster relief will provide an "injection of confidence" to many growers in the Australian state of Queensland.
February 07 , 2013

Ecuadorian mango industry strives to set example

Even with outside challenges, Ecuador's mango export volume grew 10-15%.
February 07 , 2013

Hail damages Uruguayan apple forecast

Apples have taken the brunt of Uruguayan hail storms but other crops have been slightly affected too.
February 07 , 2013

Additional support approved for European banana producers

The European Parliament is taking measures to protect local banana growers from imports.
February 07 , 2013

Market Pulse Week 5 - 2013

Fruit sales were already up in Asia leading to the Chinese New Year in week 5.
February 06 , 2013