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Fuji Fubrax variety comes to Chile

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Fuji Fubrax variety comes to Chile

A new variety of Fuji Apple promises better color in unfavorable weather conditions, A.N.A. Chile announced in a statement.

The Fuji Fubrax, developed by KIKU GmBH in South Tyrol, Italy, develops a ruby red color with striations faster than other Fuji varieties. The variety is now available and allows growers in Chile to harvest the fruit at the peak of ripeness without having to wait for the right coloration and risk losing quality, the statement said.

The apple’s color also develops in climates that are not optimal for color development. The apple darkens even in the shade of the tree canopy, and the striations develop over the entire surface of the apple, the statement said.

A.N.A. Chile, which manages new fruit varieties and trademarks in Chile, will manage the license for the KIKU. Growers have the option of marketing the fruit with licensed exporters, or they can market it on their own without the trademark.

Photo: A.N.A. Chile

Source: www.freshfruitportal.com

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