Mexico papaya production to get boost with greenhouse investment

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Mexico papaya production to get boost with greenhouse investment

Greenhouses for papaya production in Colima, Mexico, will receive government support, which will make the area the biggest producer of the fruit in the nation, according to local newspaper Ecos de la Costa.

Initially, five papaya greenhouses will be expanded, adding the equivalent of 13.5 hectares at a cost of 9.7 million pesos, or nearly $US 789,000, from the Shared Risk Trust (FIRCO in Spanish), Agriculture Ministry (SAGARPA) representative Salvador Becerra Rodríguez announced, according to the website.

He emphasized that even though it is a big investment in the development of protected agriculture, in Colima it will be worthwhile because of the favorable climate conditions that will allow competition in this production system.

The official also said that the cultivation of papaya under this system is new on a national level and allows costs to be brought down because it helps avoid the propagation of viral illnesses transmitted by insects such as aphids.

“By preventing aphids from being in contact with the crop, the spread of viral diseases will be avoided, and consequently, the production period of the plants and the yield per plant per hectare will be increased at the same time lowering the costs of controlling pests,” Becerra is quoted as saying.

He added that with FIRCO, SAGARPA will also build greenhouses for the cultivation of ornamental plants, one of which will be for Asian orchids on 10.5 hectares.

In total, SAGARPA will contribute almost 10 million pesos (US $813,000) and FIRCO will put in 25.8 million pesos (US $2.1 million), which will build greenhouses totaling 45.5 hectares, the website said.

Photo: U.S. Department of Agriculture


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