Ecuador’s mango exports suffering from cold

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Ecuador’s mango exports suffering from cold

Ecuador’s mango export volume is half of where it was at the same point last year due to strong winds, cold, rain and a lack of sun, local daily Diario Expreso reported.

An approximate total of 5 million cartons of mangoes have been exported from Ecuador this year compared to some 10 million at the same time last year.

Strong winds in July also limited flowering of the plants, starting the chain of bad climate events that has the industry cutting expectations for this year.

“If we add (to the wind) the latest rains, the end result will be a significant drop in exports, especially for Haden and Tommy Atkins varieties, the most suseptable to changes of climate and temperatures,” Kyra Kalil, president of exporter Refin SA is quoted as saying.

Temperatures have also wreaked havoc on Ecuador’s banana industry, which has seen a 40% drop in overall production and smaller sizes of the fruit, previously reported.

Photo: Diario Expreso


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