Peru’s melon exports spike to meet demand in Ecuador -

Peru’s melon exports spike to meet demand in Ecuador

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Peru’s melon exports spike to meet demand in Ecuador

Flooding in Ecuador helped propel fresh melon exports from Peru to sales of US $149,300 from January to October, a whopping increase of 1584% over the same period in 2009, agriculture news site reported.

But exporting 217 metric tons of the fruit, according to customs statistics, is unlikely to happen again, as Ecuador recovers and its demand wanes, an exporter said.

Peruvian exports during the same period in 2009 were valued at only $8, 870 for about 37 MT.

José Casapía, manager of exports for Inversiones Marzala SA, the third-biggest exporter, with 10.6% of shipments, said that the increase is due to major demand in Ecuador, whose plantations were affected by floods that ruined crops, according to the website.

“Demand has increased consumption,” he is quoted as saying, alluding to the possibility that the spike in sales is due to an increase in production.

Despite the extraordinary sales, Casapía said that the shipments are of poor quality and that Ecuadorians were not happy with Peruvian melons.

“If next year they don’t have problems with rain and floods, exports will probably diminish notably,” he warned, according to the website.

He said that Ecuadorian melons are sweeter than Peruvian ones, but they are similar in volume and pulp.

“Ecuadorians demand melons that last longer and have more resistance,” he is quoted as saying.



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