Australia’s late cherries survive heavy rain, group says

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Australia’s late cherries survive heavy rain, group says

Late variety cherries in Australia have good quality despite the recent rain that has damaged so much of the early crop, Cherry Growers of Australia said in a news release.

Early cherry varieties in eastern Australia were damaged by heavy rain in late November.

The group estimates that there are 8,000 metric tons of late fruit that were not affected by the rain that has wreaked havoc in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. Victoria growers reported losses of 48% on average, the statement said. The rain fell just as the fruit was ready to be picked, splitting it and making it unfit for market.

But the harvest has resumed, the group said. Australia is exporting cherries to Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan. Cherries are also expected to be available for internal markets for the holiday season, though some local media reported that higher prices are possible.



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